Call for Members of the Program Board for Project Evaluation – Program IDEAS

Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is launching a Call for Expression of Interest for international research experts interested to join the Program Board and perform project evaluation for Program IDEAS.

The Program IDEAS aims to support research projects based on outstanding ideas that can have, in the future, a significant impact on the development of science and research, economy and/or society as a whole, to include outstanding researchers into scientific and research work, to strengthen professional capacities of researchers and to create new project teams.

The Program duration is three years and it is open for all research areas and research topics. The total budget of the Program is € 24.000.000. The maximum budget per project is € 300,000, with the possibility of an additional budget up to € 200.000 for purchase or upgrade of one capital piece of equipment.

Project proposals are evaluated through a two-stage evaluation process. The first stage of the evaluation is performed by international peer reviewers and the second stage is performed by the Program Board.

The Program Board is an independent expert body that will consist of four Expert Panels with five members per panel. Each Panel will correspond to the following subprograms: 1) natural sciences and mathematics, 2) engineering and technological sciences, 3) (bio)medical sciences, and 4) social sciences and humanities.

English is the working language for the proposed projects, as well as project evaluations, therefore excellence in the English language is a must for Program Board Members.

Once contracted, Program Board Members are entitled to a fee of 450 EUR/per day (for 8 working hours).

The Program Board assignment for the Program is expected to start in April 2021. and be completed in June 2021.

Call for Expression of Interest, together with inclusion and assessment criteria and Terms of Reference, is available HERE.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CVs in the English language together with the filled-in Registration form provided HERE, and send both files together to the following email address:

Deadline for applications: December 18, 2020 January 18, 2021.