Program IDENTITIES: 16 Projects Supported for Funding

Evaluation process for Program IDENTITIES is officially completed! The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia will support 16 projects within this public call. In the next two years, 29 scientific research organization and 115 researchers will implement their research within 16 projects and contribute to important scientific and social topics.

Program IDENTITIES is the first program of the Science Fund intended to finance projects exclusively in the field of social sciences and humanities. Initially, 1300 researchers from 106 scientific research organizations applied with 160 project proposals. After the administrative check, project proposals proceeded to the first stage of evaluation. After the first stage of evaluation, in which each project proposal was evaluated by independent foreign reviewers according to the criteria of excellence, impact and implementation, 33 project proposals were sent to the second stage of evaluation.

As part of the second stage of evaluation, the presentation of 33 project proposals before the Program Board for Project Evaluation was held in the premises of the Science Fund. The second stage of evaluation of project proposals was carried out by the Program Board for Project Evaluation, consisting of five foreign experts.

As prescribed by the rules of the Act on objectives, methods of realization and conditions of financing projects within the IDENTITIES Program, for the Proposal to pass the evaluation of the Program Board for Project Evaluation, the grade from the second stage of evaluation must not be less than 70 points.

The final evaluation grade (after both levels of evaluation) is obtained by multiplying the grade from the first level of evaluation by a factor of 0.6 and adding it to the grade from the second level of evaluation multiplied by a factor of 0.4.

The Program Board for Project Evaluation compiles a ranking list of the projects proposed for financing according to the decreasing values of the final grades of the evaluation of the project proposals, so that the budgets of the projects from the ranking list in sum do not exceed the total budget of the Program, as prescribed by the IDENTITIES Program Act.

There are 16 projects on the final ranking list of projects that have been approved for financing.

The total budget of approved projects within public call for Program IDENTITIES is 1,999,993.80 euros, and funds were provided from the budget of the Republic of Serbia. The lowest approved project budget is 73,063.30 euros, while the highest approved project budget is 145,763.81 euros.

Leading Scientific and Research Organizations (SRO) of the projects are from Belgrade (10), Nis (3), Novi Sad (2) and Sremska Kamenica (1), together with partner SROs from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Novi Pazar, Sremska Kamenica and Kosovska Mitrovica.

Out of 16 supported projects, 10 women, and 6 men are principal investigators.

You can download the final ranking list of projects approved for financing HERE.

In the coming period, Science Fund will inform the PIs, whose project proposals have been approved for funding, about the next steps and the preparation of documentation for signing the contract on financing the implementation of projects.

We congratulate to all research teams and research organizations which projects are approved for funding. We thank all the participants for their effort and interest in the program IDENTITIES!