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A great stride forward for Serbian science

Project financing is implemented in a manner that ensures competitiveness, quality, practical value, transparency, and the functionality of the results. Programs of the Science Fund support the professional development of researchers, integration into the international scientific and technological projects, and cooperation with the scientific diaspora and industry. Additionally, the programs ensure the protection of property rights for research results, protection of intellectual property, copyright protection, as well as data protection.
Young researchers / Total number of researchers 21.4%
Female scientists / Total number of researchers 50.6%
Journal publications / Total number of references in 2018. 36.8%

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is a public organization that supports scientific and research activities. It was established in March 2019, with the aim of providing funds and supporting the conditions for the continuous development of scientific and research activities in the Republic of Serbia necessary for the advancement of a knowledge-based society.

The Fund’s activities are represented through research, as well as through technological and developmental programs. Their goal is to achieve the strategic objectives of scientific and technological development of the Republic of Serbia.

Within the programs of the Fund, projects are funded through public bidding. The projects aim to provide high-level research, innovative results, competitiveness at international level, and relevance to society in general.

The main mission of the Science Fund is to support scientific, R&D, and technological projects that are based on scientific excellence and quality. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research are particularly important, enabling cooperation with the industry, with other scientific and research institutions, and with international partners. Through these activities, the Fund aims to solve topics of importance for the whole of society.

The Science Fund encourages professional development of talented and creative young researchers and their engagement in scientific and research projects, their cooperation with the industry, and with international partners.

The Science Fund operates autonomously, efficiently, transparently, and impartially

Today, overarching challenges and needs dissolve the traditional boundaries of scientific disciplines. Science and innovation are the basic keys of development, encouraging economic, social, and technological progress.

The vision of the Science Fund is to promote the social, technological, cultural and economic development of the Republic of Serbia by financing scientific and R&D projects.

The Programs and projects of the Science Fund have been formed to help some of the recognized needs and challenges of modern Serbian society. Science and innovation must drive our aspiration for sustainable development.

Science and education are the fundamentals of the development of a humane society, an efficient economy, and a thriving, modern industry.

The Science Fund will bring many new and innovative approaches to the process of financing scientific projects, with healthy competition based on scientific results, as well as practical possibilities for implementation, not only in the industry, but also in everyday life and work.

Quality, transparency, impartiality, efficiency, and speed will be our working imperatives. The basic goals of the Science Fund are the successful implementation of projects and scientific results, but also the development of human resources, and support for cooperation and partnerships.