Call for Members of the Program Board for Project Evaluation – PRISMA Program (Closed)

Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is launching a Call for Expression of Interest for international research experts interested to join the Program Board and perform project evaluation for the PRISMA program.

The objective of the PRISMA Program (Program) are as follows: to finance research projects based on: outstanding ideas that in the future may have a significant impact on the development of science and research, as well as society as a whole; clearly stated motivation for research within the framework of modern trends in the development of science in the relevant scientific fields; development of scientific and practical aspects in the field of technical and technological sciences; development of research of strategic importance for agriculture, food production and environmental protection; development of experimental, practical and clinical research that should contribute to human health in Serbia; research on topics that contribute to development in the fields of social sciences and humanities in Serbia; raising the level of science in artificial intelligence as well as its application; involving young researchers in scientific research and strengthening the professional capacities of researchers within research teams.

The Program lends support to basic and applied research in all fields of science. There are no pre-defined topics for Projects within the Program. The Program enables researchers to define their own research programs, form their own Teams and collaborate with relevant laboratories, research centres and industry in Serbia and worldwide.

The Program is implemented with six subprograms for the development of scientific research in the following fields of science: 1) natural sciences, 2) engineering and technological sciences, 3) biotechnical sciences, 4) biomedical sciences, 5) artificial intelligence and 6) social sciences and humanities.

The Project duration is up to three years (36 months).

The total budget of the Program is € 25.000.000. The maximum budget per project is € 300,000.

The Science Fund has established a two-stage evaluation process for the PRISMA program. The first stage of the evaluation is performed by peer reviewers and the second stage is performed by the Program Board. The Program Board is an independent expert body which consists of six expert panels. Each Expert Panel is responsible for one subprogram of the Program and shall be composed of three to five members depending on the subprogram. Expert panels for natural sciences, engineering and technological sciences, biotechnical sciences, biomedical sciences, and social sciences and humanities shall be composed of five Members. Expert panel for artificial intelligence shall be composed of three Members.

English is the working language for the proposed projects, as well as project evaluations, therefore excellence in the English language is a must for Program Board Members.

During the course of the engagement, work of the Program Board will be organized remotely.

Once contracted, Program Board Members are entitled to a fee of 450 EUR/per day (for 8 working hours). The expected engagement of each Program Board Member is up to 30 working days.

The Program Board assignment for the PRISMA Program is expected to start on 21. August 2023 and to be completed by 21. September 2023.

Call for Expression of Interest and Terms of Reference available HERE .

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CVs in English, together with the filled-in Registration form provided HERE , and send both files together to the following email address: by 00:00 CET on 8. August 2023.