Call for Members of the Program Board for Project Evaluation – Program Proof of Concept (Closed)

Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is launching a Call for Expression of Interest for international research experts interested to join the Program Board and perform project evaluation for the Program Proof of concept.

The program Proof of Concept is intended for projects with commercialization potential, and for which there is a market need. The program offers financial and business support for testing scientific ideas or assumptions with potential for commercial application.

The objectives of the Proof of Concept Program (Program) are as follows:

1. To support activities at the stage of turning research outputs towards commercial or socially valuable propositions.

2. To strengthen the pipeline of commercialization-ready projects;

3. To promote the importance of intellectual property (IP) in scientific research.

The objectives of the PoC aim at increasing relevance of scientific research and development through the creation of new products relevant to the economy and/or society. Expected output of the PoC incorporating these objectives is to create a strong pipeline of projects with technology readiness which is high enough to pursue with commercialization in the next step.

Activities within the framework of the call for Proof of Concept are directed towards the development and commercialization of the relevant product, specified in the Project Proposal, resulting from scientific research. Research in the initial phase of commercialization is narrowed down to defining a so-called minimum viable product (MVP).

Stage of development is measured by the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale, which quantitatively describes the stage of technology development. Activities covered by the PoC scheme are part of TRL 2-3, with an aim to end up with a clear view of how a prototype should look like or with the first rough demo unit that can be further refined.

The program does not include funding for projects dealing with fundamental research at the level of ideas (TRL 1). Projects that already have functional prototypes will not be accepted because they have already achieved a higher TRL level. Projects aimed at routine or occasional changes to existing products, production lines, production processes, services and other already established operations are not necessarily eligible for funding under this program, even if those changes may represent improvements.

The Program lends support to projects in all fields of science. There are no pre-defined topics for Projects within the Program. The Program enables researchers to define their own research programs, form their own Teams and collaborate with relevant laboratories, research centers and industry in Serbia and worldwide.

The Program duration is one year (12 months).

The total budget of the Program is € 1.000.000.

The maximum budget per project is RSD 2,400,000.

The Science Fund has established the evaluation process for the Program Proof of concept (hereinafter referred as to the: “Program” or “PoC”). The evaluation process is performed by the Program Board. The Program Board is an independent expert body which will consist of five members.

English is the working language for the proposed projects, as well as project evaluations, therefore excellence in the English is a must for Program Board Members.

During the course of the engagement, work of the Program Board will be organized remotely.

Once contracted, Program Board Members are entitled to a fee of 450 EUR/per day (for 8 working hours). The expected engagement of each Program Board Member is up to 15 working days.

The Program Board assignment for the Program Proof of Concept is expected to start on 8 January 2024 and to be completed by 12 February 2024.

Call for Expression of Interest and Terms of Reference available HERE.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CVs in English language, together with the filled-in Registration form provided HERE, and send both files to the following email address: by 00:00 CET on December 25, 2023.