Green Program of Cooperation between Science and Industry

The general objectives of the Program: supporting cooperation between science and industry based on the use of available scientific potentials; supporting projects that can significantly influence the further development of society and the economy, including excellent researches in solving vital problems of the society; engaging young researchers; strengthening the professional capacities of scientific research institutions; creating new project teams.

The specific objectives of the Program: supporting sustainable development and increasing the level of environment quality by solving problems that are cousing climate change, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity and unsustainable use of natural resources; enabling better monitoring, reporting and prevention of pollution of air, water, soil, and consumer products, having in mind strategic national goals of zero pollution, cleaner circular economy and restoration of biodiversity.

The Program supports applied research in all fields of science that will result in patents, patent application, technical solutions, copyright protected works that are related to the given topics of the Program and include design and improvement of the technologies, products and services.

Total budget of the Program: EUR 3,500,000

Maximum budget per project: EUR 200,000

Project duration: to two years (24 months)– the first phase of the Project, with the possibility to prolong the project duration up to 12 months – the second phase of the Project.

Program status: Implementation of 20 projects funded within program

Financing for the Program is provided through the budget of the Republic of Serbia (Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation).