Peer Review Process in the Program of state cooperation with the Serbian Scientific Diaspora – Joint Research Projects – DIASPORA 2023

Programs of the SF are devised to support research activities, including basic and applied scientific research and their commercial use and potential, as well as to boost technological development of the Republic of Serbia.

The programs of the SF are driven by scientific excellence and quality. They are realized through thematic public calls for project proposals. Projects are funded in the form of grants through public competition. The projects are expected to result in high-level research, innovative results, competitiveness at the international level, and relevance to society in general.

As the rule, the evaluation is performed by international experts, who are carefully selected based on their outstanding results in research, experience in project participation and coordination, and experience in review of project proposals. The evaluation criteria are specific to each program, but they are always focused on excellence, impact, and implementation of the proposed projects.

To facilitate this process as much as possible, we designed Guidelines for Peer Reviewers, where you will find all necessary information and instructions.

Below you will find links to useful documents as well as to the project evaluation platform:

We are looking forward to collaborating with you on project proposal evaluation. Should you have any questions or technical difficulties, feel free to contact us by e-mail: