Clean CaDET


Acronym: Clean CADET

PI: Dr Jelena Slivka, assistant professor, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

SRO: Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Software is ever-present in the global civilization of today and in many aspects of our lives. Demand for software is growing every day and software vendors are under a lot of pressure to develop new solutions quickly. In this race, many manufacturers neglect the quality of software, developing error-prone solutions progressively more costly to further develop and evolve.

Therefore, the main objective of Clean CaDET project is to lower the cost of software development while increasing its overall quality. Researchers will achieve this goal by developing a digital assistant, the purpose of which will be to help developers produce better quality software. To detect poor quality code, the digital assistant will include artificial intelligence algorithms which will be applied while the engineer is programming. This sophisticated tool will recommend learning materials to the developers, adapted to their personal needs and preferences, in order to help them understand the identified problem and respond with an adequate solution, but also to improve their skills.

By automating the education process, researchers will alleviate the problem of the lack of a sufficient number of professionals who should help young developers gain expertise. Also, the use of these tools will show what are the best practices of distance learning, which will reduce education problems if we face a similar global crisis again in the future.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The objective of the Clean CaDET project is to enable cheaper development of good quality software.

METHODOLOGY: Researchers will approach the problem of automatic detection of problematic parts of code by combining machine learning techniques with rules developed by domain experts (a rule-based system).

EXPECTED RESULTS: The expected result of the project is the development of a digital assistant which will help developers produce better quality software.

Illustration: Srdja Dragovic