Program for Development of Projects in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence development program, with a total budget of 2.400.000 EUR will be implemented under two sub-programs, one intended for fundamental and the other for applied research in the field of artificial intelligence.

The objective of the Program is to enhance excellence and relevance of the scientific research in the domain of artificial intelligence in the Republic of Serbia, as well as to support implementation of the scientific results in economic development of the Republic of Serbia, enhancement of human resources development and improvement of international development in the field of artificial intelligence.

The main thematic areas of the Program are: General artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Planning, Knowledge reasoning, Computer vision and speech communication and Intelligent systems.

The maximum budget per project is 200.000 EUR, and project duration is up to two years.

Call Opening Date: 11/29/2019

Closing date: 01/31/2020 at 3:00 p.m.

Expected start of project implementation: 07/01/2020


Project documentation: download HERE.

Instructions for preparing and submitting project proposals: download HERE.

The application is submitted through the eGovernment portal (for Serbian citizens only):

List of project approved for funding is on the following LINK.

Call for peer review experts: available HERE.

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