PROMIS 2023 – Supported 30 Research Projects of Young Researchers

PROMIS 2023 is a Science Fund program designed to support excellent research projects of young researchers and scientists in the early stage of their career. Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is pleased to announce that 30 projects will be funded over the next two years, supporting 156 researchers from 42 scientific research organizations. The total budget of the program is 3,999,924.40 euros.

Funding for the Program is provided by the Republic of Serbia (Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation) and European Union grant contribution through the „Serbia Accelerating Innovation and Growth Entrepreneurship Project” (SAIGE Project) – partnership project of the Republic of Serbia, the European Union, and the World Bank dedicated to strengthening scientific research and innovative entrepreneurship in Serbia.

PROMIS 2023 supports excellent projects of young researchers and scientists in the early stages of their careers, up to 7 years after finishing their PhD. Through this program, young researchers and scientists in the early stages of their careers will have the opportunity to become independent in their research work, form their own teams and cooperate with laboratories and research centers in Serbia and worldwide, strengthen their capacities to apply for research and development projects at the national and international level, especially in the European Union, and develop new ideas through the implementation of basic and applied research in all scientific fields.

A total of 313 project proposals were submitted during the open public call for the Program PROMIS 2023. After the administrative check, 295 project proposals were proceeded to the first stage of evaluation. After the first stage of evaluation, where each project proposal was evaluated by independent international peer reviewers, 64 project proposals proceeded to the second stage of evaluation.

The second stage of evaluation of project proposals was performed by the Program Board for Project Evaluation included 5 panel experts. Based on the results of the second stage of evaluation, the Program Board compiled the proposal for the final ranking list of projects proposed for funding, ensuring that total required budget for all projects cannot be greater than the total budget of the Program defined by the Program Act. The Program Board submitted a proposal for the final ranking list of projects to the Scientific Council of the Science Fund. Scientific Council considered the proposal and submitted positive opinion on a final ranking list to the Managing Board of the Science Fund. Managing Board adopted the final ranking list of projects that have been approved for funding.

After the second stage of evaluation, 30 projects were selected and supported for funding.

Lead institutions (project coordinators) are from Belgrade (22), Novi Sad (5), Kragujevac (2), and Subotica (1). SROs from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, and Cacak participate as partners on projects.

Among the 30 projects supported for funding, 20 are managed by female and 10 by male principal investigators.

All applicants received results via email.

We congratulate to all research teams and research organizations whose projects have been approved and thank all participants for their effort and interest in the Program PROMIS 2023.

Final Ranking List of Projects Approved for Funding – LIST.