DIASPORA 2023 – Open Public Call for Collaborative Research Projects

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia has announced a Public Call for project proposals within the Program of Cooperation with the Serbian Scientific Diaspora – Joint Research Projects – DIASPORA 2023 (hereinafter: the Program). The program supports both basic and applied research in all scientific fields, with no predefined themes for projects within this program.

DIASPORA 2023 enables researchers to define collaborative research, form new teams, and collaborate with scientific and research organizations in Serbia and around the world.

Accredited Scientific Research Organizations (SRO) in the Republic of Serbia are eligible to apply for the DIASPORA 2023 program.

The project team consists of two groups. The first group comprises researchers from the Republic of Serbia, led by the Principal Investigator. The second group consists of researchers from outside the Republic of Serbia, representing one or more SRO organizations from abroad, led by a Project Coordinator from Diaspora, a diaspora researcher employed in a foreign SRO organization.

The objectives of the DIASPORA 2023 program include enhancing scientific excellence and the relevance of research in Serbia by establishing connections with researchers from the Serbian diaspora, utilizing their competencies and support through collaborative projects both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the program aims to foster international cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, and the involvement of the scientific diaspora in scientific research and innovation in the Republic of Serbia.

The total budget for the DIASPORA 2023 program is 2,200,000 euros. The funds are secured through the Acceleration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Growth Project in the Republic of Serbia (SAIGE Project), a partnership project between the Republic of Serbia, the European Union, and the World Bank.

The maximum budget per project is 200,000 euros, with a project duration of up to 24 months.

Project proposals are submitted electronically through the portal of the Science Fund of Republic of Serbia.

Project applications for this public call must be submitted no later than March 28, 2024, at 3 p.m. Central European Time.