Welcome to the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is a public organization that supports science and research. It was established in March 2019, with the aim of providing funding and creating an enabling environment for the continuous development of scientific and research activities in the Republic of Serbia, which are in turn the conditions necessary for the progress of a knowledge-based society.


The Science Fund supports projects with sustainable goals, clear concepts, and systematic and well-designed working methodologies. High-level scientific excellence, quality, and innovative ideas represent the fundamental values of all projects supported by the Fund.


Projects should contribute towards resolving relevant social issues and current topics. The quality of the project proposals is evaluated based on the usability and potential dissemination value of the expected results. Project activities and results are presented to different target groups.


Projects have an effective work plan and resources, matched with goals, tasks, and expected results. The complementary skills and aptitudes of the participants and expertise of the whole team are evaluated. Participants have the resources and knowledge to fulfil their roles and tasks.

We create programs that encourage development of the society.

Programs of the Fund are diversified to respond to various social challenges: technological development, support of advanced ideas, the development of human resources and scientific infrastructure, integration into international scientific trends, cooperation of science and industry, and others.
Increased funds for science and research.
Scientific excellence and quality of projects.
An autonomous, transparent, and impartial approach.


IDEAS 2023

Support for basic and applied research based on excellent ideas (all scientific research areas)
Program Duration: 3 years
Program Status: Program documentation prepared
Opening of the Public Call: Upon securing the necessary budget


Cooperation with Serbian scientific diaspora, visitors grants (all scientific research areas)
Program Duration: 1 year
Program Status: In preparation
Opening of the Public Call: Q2 2024


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