Establishment of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the Republic of Serbia Science Fund Law. The establishment of the Science Fund will promote science and research activity and will ensure the continuous development of a knowledge-based society in Serbia.

The main role of the Science Fund is to fund research projects. Projects will be supported by the Fund’s different programs which will aim for high quality results and competitiveness, more efficient implementation of research results, transparency, and the development of human resources.

This way, scientists will be able to cooperate with the scientific diaspora and industry; they will be guaranteed the protection of intellectual property and copyright. Institutional funding will ensure the stability of the work of both scientific institutions and researchers.

From the budget of the Republic of Serbia, 500 million dinars will be provided for 2019 for the establishment and operation of the Science Fund, the establishment of its information system and its project financing.